How to Use Tumblr and Reddit to Drive Traffic


Tumblr and Reddit are amazing social media sites directed at users who are hungry for more content constantly. They are also perfect for driving traffic to websites and blogs. But what’s the best way to use Tumblr and Reddit to maximize your results, and why are these two sites so effective?

What makes Tumblr so special?

For starters, Tumblr sees a massive amount of traffic from every corner of the globe. In May of last year Tumblr had over 5 billion page views! There are also over 132 million blogs hosted by the site, all of which share content across the platform. Tumblr’s popularity is only expected to rise to greater numbers over the coming years so right now is the perfect time for businesses to jump on the bandwagon.

Is Reddit Worth Your Time?

The answer is an emphatic yes! Considered to be the front page of the Internet, Reddit is a platform where users share content with one another and create individual communities that vote on submitted content. For bloggers and website owners it is the perfect place for traffic if the right strategy is used.

Best strategies for both Tumblr and Reddit

These two sites are not exclusively the same, they differ in many areas. For this reason we have developed a strategy for each site that plays off their formats and user base.

Strategy for Tumblr




The first thing you should do is sign up and create your own customized theme that accurately reflects your brand’s image. Once you have a theme set up then start re-blogging content that continues that image. This gives followers an opportunity to see what you are all about and whether or not they want to follow you.

Next you need to familiarize yourself with pictures. Get used to sharing, searching for, and looking at images, Tumblr is highly visual.

Use as many tags as the site allows on all your content. This gives potential followers the opportunity to find your content and share it.

After you’ve gotten the basics down you can then start networking. Do this by being consistent about reblogging and following other blogs. Also, comment on blogs that are relevant to your business or blog. This helps you build an organic following and in turn drive traffic to your blog or website.

Strategy for Redditreddit-logo

The Reddit community only responds to other community members who submit content they find valuable. For this reason it is vital to build your own community niche. Once you do you can be confident that they will virtually follow everything you share. There are two ways to build a community on Reddit.

1. Make sure to submit content from other websites and blogs. In other words, the last thing you want to do is to submit only your own content from your websites. In fact, Reddit will ban you for spamming the site if you do this. Take time to research and find websites or blog content that relates to your niche and share it with the community. You will then receive votes for your content and eventually get voted to the top page of Reddit.

2.Make your link titles interesting. Even if you have the best content on the Internet you still have to make sure your title grabs the attention of the Reddit community and makes them want to click on it.

Put these strategies into practice and you will see amazing traffic results from both sites to your website in no time!



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How to Create a Budget


In the United States the word budget has become synonymous with pain. In fact, according to a newly released Gallup poll only 32 percent of Americans keep a monthly budget of their finances. What are the results? Unfortunately, lack of budgeting leads to retirement delays and high debt to income ratios. To help you stave off the overwhelming majority’s fate, we have created a step by step guide for how to create a budget.

1. Track your spending

Before you can create any budget you first have to know what you are bringing in and what you are sending, and the only way to know is to keep track. There are a couple of ways you can do this. The first method is simply by pulling your last couple of bank statements and reading through them to get an idea of where your money goes. The second is to start tracking everything you purchase and every amount of income you acquire at the first of the next month. This will give you a chance to analyze exactly where your money is going.

2. Set goals

Once you know what your finances look like you can then set goals. Ask yourself how much savings you can reasonably acquire over the next year and set up a monthly goal to do so. Get everything in writing either via software like Microsoft Excel or online budget creators like which provides various tools for you to use.

3. Keep tabs on your goals

After you set your goals you have to take action to make sure you are reaching them. Keep track of where you spend your money and critique your spending at the end of every month. This will give you a good idea of whether you are really following your budget or not.

4. Never spend more than you have

You set your budget for a reason. After a few months of saving however, you might be tempted to spend more than you earn. Resist that temptation and remind yourself why you started budgeting in the first place.

5. Don’t include extra income in your budget

Year-end bonuses, tax refunds, and investment gains fall into the category of extra income and should not be included in your budget. Anything extra should be put away for savings or applied to larger debt you want to pay off.

If you have a detailed and accurate budget you are much more likely to have financial freedom later. If you stick to it and are dedicated to saving money, your life will be better in the long run.

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How to Use LinkedIn


LinkedIn is now considered by most businesses as a virtual business card. It showcases your talents, strengths, and experience in your field, but even though the social networking site gains 120 new users every minute, many professionals still don’t know how to use LinkedIn. We are here to help change that. Considering the speed at which LinkedIn is growing it is vital to know how to use it.

How to use LinkedIn for business

Before you can promote yourself via LinkedIn you have to build a profile. There are three important steps in this process that you need to pay particular attention to.

1. Analyze your purpose on LinkedIn. If you are there to find a job you need to display your talents. If you are there to recruit new employees you need to advertise your company. If networking is a part of your strategy then you need to get involved in groups. Before you develop your profile you need to outline your goals, once you do you can strategically maneuver your profile.

2.  Be professional. Everything from your headshot to the bio you write should reflect your professionalism. Remember, if you want people to take you seriously you have to represent yourself accordingly. No bathroom selfies or poorly lit pictures should be posted on your professional profile.

3. Focus on your written word. Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is clear-cut and to the point and users use the written word to get their point across. If you struggle to put your thoughts into words then now would be a good time to hire a writer to help you write your profile.

How to use LinkedIn for marketing

Aside from its business professional atmosphere, LinkedIn is perfect for marketers. However, just like anything else on social media there are do’s and don’ts for marketers in this arena. Consider the following.


Do post status updates. Make sure every status update you post is useful for your connections. Include links back to your website and other third-party websites that provide useful information. LinkedIn is not Facebook or Twitter, so don’t treat it as such.

Do request recommendations. Take advantage of your connections on LinkedIn by requesting recommendations from them. The more recommendations you have the more brilliant and enticing you will look as a marketer.

Do use polls. Marketing research is absolutely invaluable and LinkedIn allows you to take polls of the people that matter most in your connections. Use polls to analyze reactions to your work and to decipher what your client base is looking for.


Don’t trade recommendations. Many marketers use the tit-for-tat strategy on LinkedIn for trade recommendations. You risk looking dishonest and you put your reputation on the line.

Don’t spam other users. Connections are important but be careful about how you get them. Don’t reach out to employers or businesses directly. Let them show interest in you first or make sure you have a mutual connection.

Don’t reach out for connections from anyone. LinkedIn is based off of business connections and what you have in common with other users. Don’t try to add just anyone to your network, be picky.

LinkedIn is growing at lightning speed, get on the band wagon and start using it to connect your network and grow your business!

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How to Use Twitter


Twitter is home to 500 million registered users but has only 140 million regular users. What does this mean? Let me answer that for you, it means that over 360 million users are either too confused by the process or they are spammers. Either way, our goal is to teach you how to use twitter for both personal and professional purposes.

How does the @ and # Symbol work?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows users to communicate in a group setting. The @ symbol creates a dialogue between two people who may or may not follow each other. For example, if you wanted to speak with your friend Brian via Twitter you would need to start your message off with the @ symbol followed by his username. Your message would then show up in his @ mention’s section and in his followers timeline. If you are trying to communicate with someone who you are not following or who does not follow you, you can still use the @ symbol to reach them. It works the same way unless they have blocked you.

So, in general the @ symbol should be used in the following two ways

·         To communicate directly with one of your followers

·         To send a message to a specific username who is not one of your followers

The # symbol works differently. The hashtag’s primary use is to organize information on Twitter and to keep the conversation going about a specific topic. It is created and managed by twitter users not Twitter itself. An example of this would be an NFL team tweeting out there #, such as #Denver Broncos and asking fans to tweet them using this #. This would mean that every Twitter user who used this # would be included in the conversation and will show up on a separate page where all the tweets including the original can be seen.

You should use hashtags in the following two ways for your personal accounts:

·         Create organic hashtags in your own tweets to start a conversation

·         Include existing hashtags in your own original tweets to continue a conversation

How to use Twitter for your Business

The @ symbol and the hashtag are very important when it comes to promoting your business on Twitter. If you aren’t using them for your business account then you’re missing out on a massive audience. Although you use them in virtually the same manner on your business account as you do on your personal account, there are a couple of slight differences. For one, it is important to search popular hashtags that may be associated with your business. For example, if you are a marketer and are offering tips on online marketing you would use #marketing in your tweets. Be sure and only include one or two hashtags per tweet so that you do not come across as spammy. Also, create updates that your followers will want to re-tweet and use the @symbol to tweet at someone and create a network of your own.

At first this social media network might seem complicated, but once you understand the hashtag and the @ symbol you will know how to use Twitter in all its glory.      

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5 Tips on How to Save Money

index 22

If you are like most Americans you may want to increase your savings and have a better financial plan this year. But most of us find it difficult to get from point A to point B in one smooth transition. However, there is one way you can reduce your debt and increase your spending power and that is through savings. Want to know how to save money? Then check out our list of five tips on saving money below.

1. Track your monthly spending. The first step to saving money is understanding how much money you are spending and you cannot do that without accurately tracking all of your monthly expenses. Start by keeping every receipt you receive for bills, groceries, and other spending. Write these down or maybe even use Excel spreadsheet to keep track of everything you spend. At the end of two months after analyzing everything you spend you can then come up with a budget. This budget will enable you to see exactly how much you can afford to save at the end of every month and where you need to make cuts in your spending.

2. Use a savings account with some return. If you only keep your money and checking accounts and have no savings accounts chances are you have no incentive to actually save money. Make the change   to a bank account that pays you to bank there. As long as no fees are incurred you can earn up to 3% on the liquid cash that you put into your bank account. The focus should be finding a bank account that pays you to pay them and does not charge a fee for doing so.

3. Buy food in bulk. Head out to stores like Costco or even Sam’s Club to purchase food in bulk and save money on your staple items. Instead of buying a one-pound bag cheese at the grocery store opt for the 5 pound bag that only costs two or three dollars in bulk. This will save you money in the long run and in the immediate future. Savings of two or three dollars add up over the course of a month.

4. Avoid using credit cards for frivolous spending. Credit cards should be use for two things:

1. In case of an emergency

2. For their rewards programs.

If you are serious about saving money you will be conscious about your use of credit cards and you will only use them when it benefits you financially. Yes they are important for building credit but they can also easily destroy it if your spending gets out of hand.

5. Eat at home instead of going out. Take the time to cook and purchase your own food instead of going out to eat. Make going out for dinner a special occasion instead of a regular habit. The markup on food at restaurants is astronomical, and don’t forget about the tip. Save your money and cook at home.

Saving Money might not be easy at first but over time it will become a habit, and you will love the benefits of having a few extra thousand dollars sitting in a bank account.

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How Social Media Truly Impacts Business


The 21st century business equivalent for “Don’t take a knife to a gun fight” is “Don’t bring ancient business strategies to the modern business world”. What do I mean by this? Well it’s simple really, if you want to get the word out about your business and develop real leads, you HAVE to use social media. But it requires more than just throwing up a Facebook page with hopes of gaining tons of likes via word of mouth. You have to work for it. If you play your cards right and know how to use it, social media can help you catapult your business to the top. Consider three ways social media impacts your business.

It helps you capture your audience’s attention

Social media has the potential to help you reach out and grab your customer’s attention. Virtually every customer in your base has a social media account, and what they expect from you as a business boils down to two things:

1. Customer Service

2. Valuable Information

Social media has quickly become one of the best ways to handle customer feedback, and if you know what you’re doing you can grab your audience’s attention and make them feel valued. You also need to provide your customers with valuable information that they cannot get from your competitors. If you do these two things you can be confident that customers will be positively impacted by your efforts.


It creates a dialogue between you and your customers

In 2012 a survey was conducted by which showed 72% of all consumers trust online reviews just as much as they do personal recommendations for products and services. That is an insane number! What does it mean for your business? It means that social media can have a dramatic impact on how customers view it. The dialogue you have with your customers via social media can either result in more consumers or in the downfall of your business. It is up to you to steer the conversation in your favor by interacting with clients regardless of their experience with your business.

It helps you target your consumer base

Before social media, businesses had to have a precise method of targeting their niche consumer base. Now however, businesses have the opportunity to not only decipher their niche market but also to directly target them with tailored advertising, all thanks to social media sites. It is easier than ever before to know who it is you are selling to and to learn what their habits are. In reality, this is the best age to be in the marketing and advertising business if you take advantage of social media.

Social media can be a blessing or curse to your business. It is up to you to make sure that your customers know who you are and what you are offering. Don’t stand on the sidelines, get involved and decide for yourself how social media will impact your business.

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What is


One of the easiest ways to make cash online is by selling websites. Of course, like everything else on the web you need the platform in order to do so. Flippa makes this possible. In 2011 helped sell 26,000 websites. Currently, the site is also home to over 200,000 users but only 5% are actively using it to flip websites. The rest of the users on Flippa are there to make a purchase.

If you’re a website designer or even if you dabble in graphic design, you can use Flippa to make some serious money. The process is simple all you have to do is sign up, fill out a short questionnaire about the website, and click submit. The rest will be up to any interested parties and their bidding skills. You do of course pay a small percentage of the sell to Flippa for using the platform.

Benefits of buying on Flippa

In 2009 Flippa was introduced to the world and immediately became recognized as an industry leader in the buying and selling of websites. This brand recognition now enables hundreds of thousands of users to quickly and profitably sell their websites. As a buyer on Flippa you gain several things including:

·         A website with a solid foundation

·         Inherited revenue and immediate profits

·         Automatic traffic and a loyal customer base

The more established a website is and the more income it generates the higher it will sell for on Flippa. So, if you are looking for a well-established and profit generating website you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for it on Flippa.

Benefits of selling on Flippa

Flippa is setup similar to eBay in that buyers and sellers auction off websites and use a bidding system to make a sale. If you have a website that already generates hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month you can expect it to sell for upwards of $10,000. The large consumer base Flippa provides you with access to thousands of buyers ready to snatch up your website no matter what the price. If your website generates enough income on a monthly basis you could make a killing selling it on Flippa.

Additional tools available

If you choose to sell your website on Flippa you will have access to other premium advertising spots if you choose to pay for them. These listings will receive more attention from potential buyers and will also see an increase in bids of up to 35%. Of course, paid advertisements on Flippa are expensive and are generally only used by websites that already generate high profits.

In summary, is an amazing website for anyone who wants to buy or sell a website that generates real profits or simply if they want to buy a domain name. If you have the time to invest in a website this can be a very profitable way to generate income online.

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How to Drive Traffic Using Pinterest


To drive traffic to your website or products you have to make use of all social media outlets. It’s great if your Facebook page has 2000 likes but if you aren’t using other tools you risk losing followers. Today we are going to talk about Pinterest and how you can use it to drive traffic to your website. In the past three years the website has gone from virtually nonexistent to being worth nearly $4 Billion. That alone screams power house social media website! But how can you tap into the power of Pinterest and drive substantial traffic from the site?

What’s hot on Pinterest?

Before you delve into the depths of everything Pinterest you first must understand what users use the website for. Over 80% of all users on Pinterest are female. This means your demographic spends most of their time on Pinterest looking for items to buy. What does that mean to you? It means your audience is looking for quality products to investigate. The entire site is based off of images. These images direct users back to the original website. Your job is to get them to click on the image.

Tricks for using Pinterest


Create original content

Research shows that 80% of all pins are repins. Users are hungry for original content and you are just the business to provide it. If you have the time take your own pictures upload them and use them for pins. This makes your business seem more credible and will generate more followers. This in turn leads to more traffic for your website.

Pin your best blog posts

Be selective about what you share on Pinterest the users are much pickier than other social media sites, put your best foot forward and share your most valuable content. Make sure that the picture accurately describes what you are posting.

Follow the trends

Just like on Twitter you need to know what is trending to garner the most attention. Trending items should be the focus of your pins and should dictate what you post. Once you learn to follow trends you can then throw your hat in the ring and entice users back to your website.

Describe your pin

Below every image on Pinterest there is a little section where you can describe your post. Use this section to your advantage. Consider it a small blog post about your website, let users know why they would want to click on the image and go back to your website. Make it mysterious, insightful, and interesting.

Add your URL

Use the full URL your websites on every image description you post. This simplifies things for your followers and makes it easier for them to navigate back to your website.

In the beginning of January 2012 Pinterest had a little over 11 million users and at the time drove more traffic than Reddit, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Now the website has 70 million USERS. If that’s not a reason to use Pinterest then I don’t know what is.

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How to Grow your Facebook Group


We’ve written quite a few articles on New Frontier Business about social media networks and their priceless value in the online marketing game, but today we are going to look at one aspect of Facebook that tends to get overlooked. Facebook groups are brilliant for marketers or any business owner who wants to showcase their ideas and products. But if you want to make these groups work for your business you have to know what you are doing.

Facebook Groups enable people all over the world to connect with one another based off their individual interests. Starting your own group opens your business up to exposure it would be hard to come by otherwise. Of course, the key is to get people to join your network and make contributions. Consider the following steps to grow your Facebook group and conjure up more business in the process.

1. Choose your settings

When you setup your profile make sure you make your privacy settings public. This will allow anyone to join your group.

2. Make things interesting!

You should handle your group just as you would your website or blog, focus on the content. If your group is boring or holds very little value to your members its unlikely your group will grow or even continue to hold the interest of current users.

3. Assert yourself as an expert

Why does Tony Robbins have so many likes on Facebook? Because people know he is an expert and they want any free advice he sends out to his followers. Build on this same idea by advertising that when people join your group they will have access to first hand professional information from experts in the field.

4. Ask current members to invite new members

If your group already has hundreds of members encourage them to extend the invite to their friends. Capitalize on what you have already built and create a buzz about your group by simply opening your doors to friends of your friends friends.

5. Join similar groups and invite members to join your group

Just like commenting on a blog and leaving a link back to your site, joining groups on Facebook will bring new members back to your group. The key is to first prove you add value to the group you are already in and advertising you share more information on your group’s page. It’s enticing and will draw people in if your content adds value.You can promote your group to several groups at a time by using a program as awesome as Hootsuite, which offers a free 30 day trial for the pro version.

If you use these steps religiously your Facebook groups will grow and so will your business.

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How to Brand Yourself


The business world for entrepreneurs is a growing market. Individuals are creating empires based off their own personal brands. If you want to join the ranks with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk then you need to learn how to brand yourself effectively. In reality, all businesses and individuals have a brand, but most people understand brands as reputations and in reality that is what you are building when you brand yourself. But if you have been struggling to create your own brand for quite some time, or even if you are just starting out you need to know some basic techniques to get you moving in the right direction.

The first thing you need to realize is that branding can (and should) be done online and offline. Even if you are an online marketer you can build your brand by drawing people from the real world to check out your products. Obviously, online branding is also very important as well. Check out my advice on how to develop your brand in both worlds.

Online Branding Techniques

Create a blog. Blogging allows you to create your own persona. No matter what it is you want to sell or do online a blog helps you solidify it all in one perfect location. The content you create speaks volumes about who you are and what your brand is. An added bonus to blogs is that you are in control of how people view you and no one can make you be something you aren’t.

Comment everywhere that is applicable. Being familiar with other brand personalities similar to your own can provide you with an outlet to get your brand out there. Leave valuable comments on websites and blogs that reflect your personal brand. This will create buzz about who you are and it will bring people back to your website to learn more about what you have to say.

Use social media. There are two very important things you need to do on social media to develop a consistent brand.

1. Choose one avatar and or logo that will consistently represent you wherever you go.

2. Create a single voice for all your social media profiles. If you are consistently the same on every profile you will eventually be branded by your social media.


Offline Branding Techniques

Create a logo consistent with your online brand. As is the case with social media profiles your offline logo should scream who you are without being obnoxious. You want people to recognize you and your business by simply seeing your logo. Whether it’s on a business card you place in a book in the library or on a billboard you rent in your town, make sure your logo is there.

Use guerrilla marketing. Create flyers about what your business does and include the link to your website and social media sites and hang them up everywhere you go. Use strategies that grab people’s attention and get them thinking. That style of branding will get you noticed immediately and bring you the business you want.

Give out free samples or trials for your business. If your business involves selling a physical item or even an innovation you’ve developed give a sample of it away for free. The trick is to hand out your free samples to the right people. Once the leaders in your industry get a hold of your product it is likely to blow up and put money in your pocket.

There you have it, some simple yet highly effective strategies on how to brand yourself both offline and online.

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